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2016-up Tacoma

The following instructions are how to install the switchback turn signals into the 3rd Gen Tacoma


Step 1:

Remove OEM mirror cover(snaps off) and Factory Turn signal (2 Phillips screws)


Step 2:

Pull back on the lower plastic, and tuck the LED driver module into the cavity. Securing with 2 side tape. There is just enough room for it to fit snug inside.

(Installing it close to the turn signal minimizes wiring, and is easily accessible in case of needing replacement)


Route wires up next to stock wiring


Reinstall new mirror signal and connect it to the LED driver.



Step 3:

Connect supplied harness to OEM grey plug(turn signal) then to the LED driver.


You will be left with a RED and WHITE wire. These will pass though the mirror and into the door in the next step.



Step 4:

This step will require the removal of the door panel and mirror assembly. There are many YouTube videos and write ups. The panel is held in by 2X Phillips screws+snap clips. Then the mirror requires 3X 10MM nuts and it can be removed. 


Once the mirror is off and on the bench, take the supplied white and red extension wires as shown

Route them down and through the mirror assembly following the factory Green wire loom.


Reinstall the mirror onto the truck



Step 5:

This step will be the wiring. It is very straight forward as long as the correct wires are located and tapped.


Route the white and red wires down to the stock window switch connector(using tape or zip ties along side the stock wiring) 

Using the supplied T connector, insert the wires and clamp down with pliers as shown:

on the window switch harness you will find a PINK and GREEN wire


Put both wires into the connector and clamp down. NOTE: keep wire orientation the same as the picture



REPEAT STEPS 1-5 for Drivers side

The only difference is you will be tapping the WHITE and GREEN wire in the drivers door as shown:

Use pliers to squeeze the connector tight. Making sure it locks in place.









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