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You can submit a ticket by clicking the support button at the bottom right of any page or sending an email to:
If you are including images please make sure they are smaller than 1MB otherwise they will not be included in the email. Please provide as much detail as possible including: Order #s, product details, or a full explanation of your issue.


  • When will my order be shipped?

    • Generally we ship orders the same day we receive them. This applies to orders between the hours of 9am-4pm PST. Sometimes we have a higher volume of order to process and it will take us more time to package and ship them. In these cases it may be up to 3 days before your order has any tracking information updates.
  • When will you be releasing ______ product? Are you ever going to make _____ again? _____ is out of stock, did you stop selling them?

    • This is generally a difficult question to answer as every product is different, but there are a few simple rules that can apply depending on the circumstance. 
      • If the product is 3D printed it is either an early prototype run or done in limited batches. This applies to everything custom or products that have not been updated to an injection molded design. These products are usually costly to manufacture or demand is not high enough for mass production.
      • We prioritize product design and relaunches based off of sign ups for back in stock notifications. This also happens to be the best way to be notified when a product is available for purchase again.
  • Where are the flip fobs?! When will they be released? Did I miss the release?

    • We are working on them. We don't have an ETA other than when they are ready. We want them to be great and easy to assemble so this will take some time to figure out. We will make an announcement as soon as we know.
  • I was notified that ______ was back in stock but your website shows out of stock?

    • Sorry to tell you this but they did actually sell out. Some batches are just not large enough to meet the current demand. Rest assured we most likely will be restocking this product again. Make sure to stay signed up to the notification list so we can alert you again.
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