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2016-up Tacoma

Because the 3rd gen Tacoma's do not have threaded holes overhead, the following steps are necessary to create a solid mounting point for the new ceiling rack.


Step 1:

Remove all 4 overhead plastic hooks. Start my removing the cover with a small flat head.

Then Press the metal hook on top and bottom, then pull out

You will be left with this hole:


Step 2:


I suggest this one

Mark center of each hole:


Thread the supplied jacknut onto the rivnut gun like shown

Insert the jacknut into the factory hole. Getting it as centered as possible.


Squeeze the tool until the nut is bottomed out. It will "crush" behind the panel and lock into the metal tight. Here is the result:

(if you look closely the 4 tabs of the jack nut are in an "X" shape")


Repeat for the remaining 3 holes.


Step 3:

Mount the new ceiling rack with the supplied 4 bolts. Using the washers first, and the 1" spacers between the rack and body.


DONE! Mount your preferred gear and enjoy.









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