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Per recommendation from Baja Designs in order to use their rock lights safely on the 3rd Gen Tacomas in the brake light circuit you must power their lights via a relay. Baja may not cover your lights under warranty if you do not use a relay.

Introducing the Ultimate brake light for 2nd Gen Tacomas. (OR 3RD GEN ACCESS CABS) This housing takes the place of the factory red brake light lens. It reuses the stock base, gasket, and screws. Made from a durable nylon plastic and painted with a SEM coating that resists the elements. It is designed to fit either KC cyclones or Baja Designs Rock lights. Optional packs include KC or BD lights.

Besides being brighter and more visible than stock, it offers the flexibility of configuring each color individually. You can choose to run all Red(like OEM), or mix and match. Example; White LED(bed light) or even an Amber (Chase light). Wiring will be up to the user as each setup will vary.



NMO module not included


KC4- Holds 4 KC Cyclone lights

KC4-NMO- Holds 4 KC Cyclones + Holds NMO antenna NOT INCLUDED (USE Laird MABVT8U)

BD3- Holds 3 Baja Designs Rock lights

BD3-NMO - Holds 3 Baja Designs + Holds NMO antenna NOT INCLUDED (USE Laird MABVT8U)


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