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New for 2021! Our standard Ultimate Mirror signals have been a hit, but these take lighting to the next level. Introducing the V5 Switchbacks. We went back to the drawing board and teamed up with Morimoto who helped develop the internal Leds and optics making these the brightest and most customizable signals on the market.

These are available in 2 different switchback models; 1)WHITE(DRL)/AMBER(TURN)                                                                2)AMBER(DRL)/AMBER(TURN)

In addition to the new DRL, the turn signal has 3 flash modes that can be easily configured by the end user.

MODE 1: STANDARD-(flash on/off)                                                                           

MODE 2: SEQUENTIAL-(flashes from inside to outside)                                                 

MODE 3: REVERSE SEQUENTIAL-(Designed to match the 2020 LED headlight signal)                      



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