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Sun's out - Groms out

Sun's out - Groms out

The nice weather is approaching, so it was time to dust off the DIRT GROM. Although this blog is mostly about new products/updates, I figured it was nice to mix it up a little with a build post. Plus I've also had some requests about it on Instagram, so here she is!


The whole goal behind the build was a small and zippy bike I could get across town and run errands on. I've had big bikes in the past, but this is on a whole new level of fun. It also needed to match the Tacoma "Off-Road" vibe. Hence the DIRT GROM.

The Donor: 2005 Honda Grom. Craigslist special.

Once it was unloaded I went straight breakdown phase

Parts were stripped and powdercoated quicksand to match

It's gotta have lights...

So I designed some brackets to hold a Baja Designs LP9 with integrated VLED Tritton Blinkers


Being such a small bike..I need to be seen. So I made a quad VLED Tritton brake light. The 2 inner lights red Brake(triple flash) with each turn signal on the outside.


Next comes power. The entire motor was dropped and nothing was left untouched. 170CC 4Valve BIg bore, paired with a 5 Speed transmission. Even down to full ceramic internal bearings. Going from stock 8HP--->28HP.....It SCOOTS!


In order to run the Baja LP9, the bike needed a little power boost. I opted for a 12 Cell Ballistic battery and hi output stator. Only problem was the battery was way too big. So I cut out the entire underside and made a drop in "battery box" with integrated Auxilary fuel cans

Stock size VS new



Cut out




The final result:




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