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The Minimalist Key Fob

The Minimalist Key Fob

New product on the horizon! The MESO MINIMALIST. A replacement key fob for 2016-up Tacomas (A/T only). I've always thought the OEM fob was bulky, un-ergonomic, and just PLAIN. I wanted to make a smaller and more functional fob, just never got around to it. Well that has now changed. 25% Smaller than stock, a sleek profile, and even an integrated bottle opener! 

With every cause, there is an effect. In this case you will not be able to retain the factory spare key. This is a trade off for the lower profile. Worst case, a magnetic hide-a-key under the truck would alleviate that. When was the last time you removed the spare key?

These will have the fit and finish of a Factory key fob. Full CNC tooling and injection molded with premium material for the best durability (PC+ABS)

At the bottom you will see a metal key ring. This will be a laser cut titanium insert(no more broken plastic tabs!). And will be available in 2 different configurations;

-Plain- straight key ring

-Stealth Bottle opener


As for colors, I am starting out with a few basics.;

Black, White, Quicksand, Red, Blue, Cement. With others to follow. (and maybe some special editions; Piano black, Ferarri gloss red, etc)

All the buttons are new to flow with the design style, with raised logos so even Stevie Wonder could find his way around it. 

Here is a first prototype(more to follow this week) showing the size comparison to stock




So get ready, these are going to be hot! Pricing and ETA are still in the works. But the plan is $39.99 Each(you can configure the color and key ring style) or TWO for $59.99. Mix and Match, or double up on the same model. 


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